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Graphic Design Lessons you Can Learn from Tech Giants

As consumer preferences change, so does graphic design. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and to adapt so you can embrace new trends as they emerge on the market. If you want to become the best designer you can be, many lessons can be learned from the tech sector.
Graphic Design within the Entertainment Sector

Spotify has a very robust color system, as they need to cater to numerous genres when curating playlists. Some Spotify-created playlists are suited for high-energy gym sessions, whereas others evoke chilled Sunday morning vibes. Spotify developers also need to take into account cultural preferences, as bright red could well be a popular color for one culture but taboo for another.


The casino sector is another prime example of how graphic design can be used to evoke a certain feeling. Those who play slot games, such as Gonzo’s Quest or Big Bass Bonanza will notice that the color scheme and theme is very different to the Book of Slots titles. If you play Book of slots games, such as Legacy of Dead or Book of the Irish, you’ll see muted colors that range from gold to orange and deep red, but in Big Bass Bonanza, vivid blues and greens. The colors convey the tone and theme of the game so people know what to expect before they read any descriptive text.

Employing AVA to Provide Accurate Thumbnails

Tech giants such as Netflix employ AVA to pick the best thumbnails for content. AVA is a set of specific algorithms that sift through all the frames within a movie to choose the best image for the thumbnail. At the core of it all, this thumbnail is enough to entice a user into watching a show. The images presented to you can also vary depending on your watch history, using your preferences to dictate which frame of the video is going to capture your attention the most.

This is a revolutionary technology, but at the same time, it is paving the way for new and exciting developments. More tech is being released to help big tech companies automate their graphic design so that they don’t have to manually choose thumbnails for content and so that it becomes easier to market content as a whole.

Another example would be Amazon. When creating product listings, they ensure that the product takes up at least 85% of the image frame. By doing this, they keep the main focus on the product while highlighting any specific features.


Software is used to determine the best angle for a product, ensuring that all of the main features are shown cohesively. As their goal is to market products accurately, a lot of effort goes into graphic design and making sure that virtual representations of a product accurately portray the item that is going to be received. This is particularly evident in advertising banners and promotions, as these often need to be bigger and brighter without altering the core product or the features it has to offer.

Graphic design is an evolving sector, but by learning lessons from tech giants, professionals can elevate their skills and talent while meeting the needs of their audience.

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