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Why Does My Vape Juice Have No Flavor?

When you vape, you expect the experience to be great from a flavor standpoint. That’s one of the biggest selling points of vaping – the fact that it tastes so much better than smoking. You’re going to be pretty surprised, then, if you come across a vape juice that seems to have no flavor – especially if your device seems to be producing plenty of vapor.

So, what’s going on if your vape juice has no flavor? Is there something wrong with your e-liquid? That’s certainly a possibility, but it’s also possible that the flavor you’re using just isn’t right for you. We’ll cover both of those scenarios in this guide, and we’ll also discuss some other possible reasons why your vape juice isn’t as flavorful as it should be. Let’s jump in.

You’re Using Unflavored E-Liquid

Before we get too deep into troubleshooting issues with the flavor of your vape juice, it’s important to mention the fact that some e-liquids are actually flavorless by design. A flavorless vape juice usually has a name like “Clear” or something similar. Some people are quite fond of unflavored e-liquids. The vegetable glycerin that’s used in most vape juice tastes slightly sweet, and nicotine has a bit of a peppery flavor. Those flavors are fairly subtle, though, which might not be what you’re looking for if you want a bolder experience.

You Have a Case of Vaper’s Tongue

Does your e-liquid seem to have suddenly lost its flavor even though it previously tasted completely normal? You might have a case of vaper’s tongue, which is a form of olfactory fatigue that makes vape juice suddenly seem to have no flavor. It usually happens because you’re using an e-liquid with an extremely strong flavor and are vaping constantly or because you’re switching between flavors so often that your brain can’t keep up.

Vaper’s tongue usually resolves itself fairly quickly, but you might want to give your palate a break by using a more mildly flavored e-liquid for a while or by switching between flavors a little less often.

You’re Using an Old Coil

If you’re new to vaping and are using a device with a refillable pod or tank, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to install a new coil or start using a new pod. When you vape, the sweeteners and other ingredients in your e-liquid leave residue on your device’s coil. The residue eventually makes your vape juice taste burnt and somewhat flavorless.


Before your e-liquid seemed to lose its flavor, did you taste a sort of burnt, exaggerated sweetness – almost like caramel? If so, the layer of residue on your coil has become so thick that it’s begun to affect the flavor quality. If your device has a removable coil, you’ll actually see the residue when you take the coil out of your tank or pod. You’ll notice that the metal mesh or wire visible through the top of the coil has actually turned brown or black. When you replace the coil, you’ll taste the true flavor of your e-liquid again. In the future, try using an unsweetened e-liquid to help your device maintain a high flavor quality for longer.

You’re Inhaling Too Much Air

Are you using a pod system or vape tank with adjustable airflow? If you are, there’s a good chance that you’ve set the airflow as open as possible because that’s what makes your device produce the biggest clouds. What you may not realize, though, is that a wide-open airflow setting isn’t always the best way to vape because it can potentially affect the flavor in a negative way.

Why is using an open airflow setting not always best for flavor? The reason why opening your tank’s airflow allows your device to produce more vapor is because you’re allowing more air to travel through the tank. The air fluffs up the clouds, making them look bigger. The problem, though, is that air doesn’t taste like anything. The more air that you introduce into the vapor stream, the less of your e-liquid you’ll be inhaling – and the subtle flavor notes will, therefore, be harder to detect.

If flavor is more important than cloud production for you, you’ll probably have a more enjoyable experience if you close your tank’s airflow vent slightly to reduce the volume of air coming in. When you do this, though, the temperature of the vapor will also increase. To counteract that, you’ll want to lower your device’s power slightly. With a little practice, you’ll find a combination that provides your desired balance of intensity and flavor.

Your Device’s Power Level Is Set Too Low

If you enjoy using your vaping device with the airflow fully open, it’s possible that you don’t actually want to close the airflow to make the flavor more intense. Maybe you’d rather make the flavor as bold as it can be without compromising your device’s vapor production. In this case, instead of closing the airflow, you should try increasing your device’s wattage. You can set the power level as high as you like until you begin to detect a burnt flavor. At that point, you’ll want to back it off a bit.


If possible, you should use a tank with a mesh coil if you want to vape at a high wattage. Compared to standard coils made from wound resistance wire, mesh coils have less mass and can heat up much more quickly. They’re also less likely to have hot spots that can contribute to burnt flavors.

You’re Using the Wrong Vape Juice

If nothing else in this article has helped to make your e-liquid more flavorful, it’s possible that the vape juice you’re using – no matter how tasty the flavor name sounds – just isn’t right for you. Remember that taste is subjective, and e-liquids can also differ greatly from one another. Some brands make products that are flavored very strongly, and others are more subtle. Sometimes, you may even come across an e-liquid that doesn’t seem to taste anything like what it says on the label. Chalk it up to experience, and don’t ever stop trying new things.

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